Before you buy a new home, your solicitor or conveyance will probably recommend that a licensed builder inspect the building for general building and structural defects prior to settlement. The Combined Pre-purchase Building/Termite and Timber Pest Inspection will ensure that any building defect(s), which may adversely affect the safety, amenity, and structural integrity of the building or health of any occupants is bought to the notice of the intended purchaser and includes the location and identification of termites and borers if they are present.

Just think, you could save a few hundred dollars by opting out of either a pre-purchase building inspection or Termite and Timber Pest Inspection. It may seem tempting on the surface, but making sure the building you are purchasing is safe, requires no expensive repairs and conforms with council regulations is absolutely essential. It could stop you from making the biggest financial mistake of your life.

Steve can also give you advice from the perspective of a builder as to the severity of building damage and make recommendation’s identifying when specialist engineering assessments are required and otherwise what works are required, by which trades, to undertake rectification.


We provide our clients with an easy to read report conducted in accordance with the Australian Standard AS4349. 1 and AS4349.3. This inspection includes general building and structural defects and the location and identification of termites and borers if they are present or if there are conditions conducive to timber pest attack.

Major Defects would be those that need repair to stop unsafe conditions, loss of use or further damage to the building. They are most often structural in nature, or can relate to weatherproofing or safety issues.

Minor defects are generally defects that are not typical for an ordinarily maintained building of similar age and type, or any which require special technical skill or expertise to recognize.

THE COST: $ 660.00 Including GST

Thermal imaging technologies are used at no extra cost.

The flat rate is for single dwelling residential buildings only.

It does not apply to commercial, industrial or residential buildings with multiple tenancies.