If you are intending to build or engage tradespeople to carry out building work for you then this report may help you.

We offer assistance in reading and interpreting quotes or estimates.

Are you getting apples for apples”, “have the quotes included everything”.

We can meet on site to determine if the quotes are fair or we can check them against you plans or specifications.

We can also contact the person submitting the quote to verify any issues or concerns.

We can also check for correct licencing and insurance compliance.

This way you can feel confident to engage this contractor.

Don’t let a tradie or builder say, “I didn’t allow for that”, after they start.


Cost for projects up to 50K : Total cost $165:00 including GST

Costs of projects 50k-100K: Total Cost $ 280:00 including GST

Costs of projects over 100k: Please contact us for a quote.