It is recommended you purchase this report if you are a concerned homeowner who wants to know more about the impending maintenance of your home. It is important to track immediate and future maintenance of your biggest asset by gaining an understanding of how a small maintenance issue can turn into a disastrous costly future repair.

In this report we offer a visual inspection with the use of some specialized diagnostic tools. We will assess any defects that require significant repair as well as report on the general condition of important building components.

We will offer a detailed analysis of individual building components that may be of financial burden in the future.

We will were possible suggest the life expectancy of these components and what course of action to undertake.


We provide our clients with an easy to read report conducted in accordance with the Australian Standard. We will reference The Building Code of Australia, Australian Standards and The Guide to Standards and Tolerances. You will also receive a recommended timeframe for all suggested maintenance and if required a list of recommended tradespersons.

THE COST: $ 330.00 Including GST

Seniors Discount applies – $285.00 includes GST

Thermal imaging technologies are used at no extra cost.

The flat rate is for single dwelling residential buildings only.

It does not apply to commercial, industrial or residential buildings with multiple tenancies.